Saturday, January 8, 2011

OMG We're Posting Again: Morning Edition

Yay, I have Saturday time to write and Pocahantski & The Quiet One were up for breakfast after the Waverly Market this morning.

Ms. Quiet One got there early and left early because she was JC's ride and he had an appointment elsewhere.

Pocahantski and I stood in the snow for about three minutes naming restaurants and then decided to head to our respective cars, call The Quiet One, and figure out where to meet.

Miss Shirley's?


Sip & Bite?

Golden West (just kidding, we wanted breakfast, not a table in Hamden with the possibility of coffee and food).


Why not Morning Editon says The Quiet One.

Done, I say.

I haven't drooled on a breakfast menu in a LOOOOONG time. But we almost did today.

There were so many tasty looking entries.

We of course wondered why they felt the need to have "buttered" brie as an appetizer...Because triple cream cheeses need to be BUTTERED before they are served. Strangley, we didn't order it. Maybe next time.

It helps when you order breakfast appetizers of cinnamon buns, pecan sticky buns, and an apple fritter.

I mean, The Quiet One asked our server if the sticky bun or cinnamon roll was better. Pocahantski appropriately said let's get both. I added the fritter because there were three of us, so there should be three things to taste.
It helps more when they bring the fresh maple syrup.

And when it's warm.

And when I decide to listen to Pocahantski and adulterate the last bites of apple fritter.
Pocahantski went with the Pumpkin Waffle with Sauted Apples.

Those potatoes had incredible thyme flavor.
I, of course (after much indecision and flirtation with other menu items), went with the Belgian Waffle with Creamed Chipped Beef.

Here's my only problem with today's meal. Creamed chipped beef needs to be two things in my mind...1) one tablespoon of flour short of paste; and 2) so peppery I push the shaker to the other side of the table.

This was a thinner style with higher quality meat and very little pepper at all.
I love places where you can get funky breakfast awesome AND they still do a good eggs, meat, toast, potato plate.
I also love a place when three foodies can get three pastry apps, three meals, and three cups of coffee (plus a side of bacon for Pocahantski that she was kind enough to share) for this many sheckels!