Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Quiet One Works: Edgewater Restaurant

Saw the Quiet One in 'Naptown this week. She was on her way down across the South River to the Edgewater Restaurant to eat crab cakes. She called them the best crab cakes in town. I will have to investigate. And while you all know I'm not always the biggest fan of using cell phone pictures; in this case I'll put it up because it's just pretty.

See that crust on the top? See that lump crab meat? Yeah, we eat well.

Head down Route 2 (which is kinda the southern spur of I-97 after the I ends in 'Naptown!).

She was kind enough to text an offer to drop off an extra cake to me on her way back up to Bal'mer. I was lame enough to already be at home crashed out for the night.

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