Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Call and Answer (Jealousy and Retort)

Ms. Vertical and The Quiet One are at Peter's. I am not. And therefore, I receive this...

That's right.

A picture.

No text with it other than...

"Perfectly seared tuna nachos with wasabi aoli, beet and cucumber slivers and a hint of srirachi. Remember my face when eating the balsamic reduction... This was better."


The Ms. Adventures and I have good times.

Little do they know that I have Salvadoran Adobo Pork Chops with Vidalia Onions and Tomatoes simmering in a 350-degree oven, sofrito and black beans (as taught by the Juban ex-girlfriend) with rice, a sauted mushroom and asparagus salad with CSA-fresh mesclun and radishes from Waverly with a dijon/balsamic vinaigrette ready to serve to pops, and steps- mom and brother tonight.

Touche says what???

P.S. Ms. Vertical? You're welcome for the Sriracha spell-check. It's what I'm here for. B Bistro is going to be hit in FORCE tomorrow night!!!

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