Saturday, January 30, 2010

From the Inbox: January 24-30

In addition to the cooking and eating that goes on, there are the endless conversations about food. How else do you think we come up with the mythical lists, roadtrips, and crazy ideas for dinner parties?

You're lucky we like to share (unless you're trying to get the last piece of speck or duck prosciutto off a plate...we'll cut ya' sucker!).

From Pocahantski this week we have two pieces of joy.

  • Go to the Boston Globe to learn about Feed Me Bubbe, the 83-year-old grandmother who has her own online kosher cooking show. Get that lady on America's Test Kitchen!

  • There's also the International Food & Wine Festival in Washington, DC. Lower ticket prices in effect until February 6. Wanna meet there?
The Quiet One and I are fresh off a successful trip to the 32nd Street Market this morning that included Curry Shack pockets, vegan brownies, a massive turkey breast, and a cup of butter pecan ice cream for her. I worked ground lamb for kefta; beef short ribs, onions, carrots, cremini and shitake mushrooms, and garlic for just damn tastiness; and a ham steak as big as my face that will be slathered in red-eye gravy sometime this winter. My Curry Shack haul is almost gone. It included Turkish Beef pies, Lamb & Potato pockets, and SpicyTurkey pies. In addition to actually shopping for food this week, The Quiet One sends us word of these two tidbits:
Ms. not. She is horizontal. On a beach. In Puerto Rico. We are not amused. And we (that is Pocahantski and the Kitchengeek) will be less amused when The Quiet One gets on her flight to Rome this week.

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