Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reservation for Four...Table for Six

The Mis-Adventures +1 (that's the folks at this here blog) have come to a conclusion based on two dinners in Easton, one brunch in Chestertown, and a dinner in Mt. Vernon. We will now share with you our conclusion. It is about us...

97-mph Member - "We'd like a reservation for four for Friday night."
Restaurant - "Execellent. What time will you be joining us."
97-mph Member - "8pm. And we'll need a six-top."

This is what happens when four people believe in 1) food; 2) wine; and 3) "and" being better than "or" as a life choice.

We frequently have candles and sugar caddies on the booth next to us or behind the table somewhere to make room for charcuterie, and apps, and salads, maybe a soup or two, and sharing plates (you call them bread plates).

This principle will be born out in posts coming on Feast @ Four East in Baltimore and a two-weekend Shore-stravaganza including two meals at Scossa in Easton, a lunch at Latitude 38 in Oxford, Ice Cream and Lamb Chops at the General Store in Oxford, Butt Rub in St. Michael's, and brunches at the Imperial Hotel in Chestertown and the Tidewater Inn in Easton.

Yeah...we get around (food)...

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